7 Best Indoor Birthday Party Games for Kids

Birthday Party Games Ideas for Kids

Greetings, dear blog readers! All parents want to arrange a real holiday for their “children”. What kind of kids can you think of playing birthday games at home? After all, the process of children’s play is the most fun and brings the joy of the “sea”. In this way, this day becomes not only solemn but also very happy, to fill the house with children’s voices, laughter, songs, music, joy and their “treasure”.

To have a great holiday, parents must not only prepare snacks at the table but also at least 2 hours of entertainment. It has to be lively and intense. Don’t get bored for a while. Play some quick games and make it more enjoyable. For this, we have mentioned some of the best kids indoor games to play.

Therefore, birth parents should develop a plan to organize and maintain birthdays for children of all ages in the family:

  • Determine the number of guests and give them colorful invitation cards
  • Decorate the room (balls, posters, wreaths, etc.)
  • Buy new clothes for active heroes
  • Purchase a welcome birthday gift as a birthday gift
  • Small gifts and reward gifts for all guests
  • Record popular and fun children’s songs
  • Define the holiday menu
  • Prepare fresh homemade cakes and don’t forget the beautiful candles
  • Script celebrations, including birthday party gifts, party table invitations, and gifts. Then entertainment, songs, games, dances, contests, puzzles and more.
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Wolf and Kids

Circle the houses and put all the children in them, except for one. They will play the role of kids. Kids live together and often run to visit each other. And around the gray wolf – one and the players. He tries to catch a kid outside the house. A captured kid becomes a wolf. The game continues until everyone is a wolf.

It’s cold and Hot

The presenter imperceptibly hides a toy (dinosaur). According to the host, “it’s cold – warmer – hot”, children guess where to look for a toy. The game continues until everyone is in the role of a seeker. A toy found is a prize for the player who finds it.

Guess the Beast

The children are blindfolded and given a soft toy. You need to guess who it is. You must start the game for an adult who will deliberately think, twist, twirl for a long time and will call the hare a bear incorrectly. Children will laugh and the game will take a comic character. The game continues until each child is in the role of a guessing game.

Mouse Concert

Print by clicking on the pictures with mice, finger mice. You can glue the head of the mouse out of paper in the form of a bag on a finger, glue the ears, draw eyes and nose with a black felt-tip pen. To put a mask on each finger for each child. The first to start the game is an adult with a thin squeaky mouse voice singing a song or telling a poem. And then the children will take turns demonstrating their talents on behalf of the mouse.

Do Not Crush an Egg

On the floor lay a piece of any fabric that depicts the road. Raw eggs are laid on this road. The player is offered to carefully look at the road along which he must pass and not crush a single egg. While the player is blindfolded, the eggs are quietly cleaned. Here he goes very carefully to the end of the road, and when the bandage is removed, the player and all the children laugh.


All the children stand in a circle and shake their fists. The host says: “He’s walking, he is wandering … and when the horned goat says” – everyone puts up their fingers. If the host says “hornless goat”, then the fists do not open. Who makes a mistake, he leaves the game and helps the leader to look for violators.

The thing is the Hat

A beautiful hat is worn on any of the children in a circle. Turn on the music. The child in the hat turns around and puts the hat on to the neighbor on the left (clockwise). When the music breaks off, the one who is wearing the hat leaves the game, sits down at the sweet table and waits for the others.

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