10 Impressive Ideas to Celebrate Your 30th Birthday as a Mom


Don’t you think the notion of staying in your 20s is overrated? Well, we hope you are not one of those people who cry over kissing their 20s goodbye! Nothing really changes with the numbers. It’s just the society that has dictated these silly ideas to make you feel old. Debunk all these foolish myths and plan a perfect party for yourself.

Welcome the third decade of your life with all the zeal and enthusiasm and let your loved ones be a part of it. Plan some killer themes and fun activities for your special day. You can even let your loved ones abroad catch all the action via TeamViewer remote access! with your 100mbps fast internet.

Now that you are going to celebrate the 30 worthy years of your life, where you have achieved so much, it actually calls for some well-planned and well-thought celebratory day. Most importantly, you have kids now and this gives you the company to enjoy your birthday to the fullest!

10 Amazing Ideas for Your 30th Birthday Celebration

  1. Organize this Birthday Party Yourself
  2. Celebrate Yourself
  3. Book an Appointment at a Spa
  4. You Deserve a Shopping Spree
  5. Do What You are Special At
  6. Create a Crafts Booth for Kids
  7. Create a Mom Cave
  8. Consider a Weekend Getaway
  9. Plan a Fun Day for the Family
  10. Plan a Perfect Candle-Lit Dinner

Let’s discuss the exciting details!

Organize this Birthday Party Yourself

The zeal and happiness are not in the numbers! And parties are definitely not for the teenagers and kids only. You do deserve a perfect birthday bash and you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. Since it’s your party and your day to be precise, it’s totally up to you how you want to celebrate it. You can celebrate it elegantly or casually. You can celebrate it with your girlfriends or your family. If you want a backyard barbeque, go for it. If it’s a brunch with friends that you prefer or a fancy cocktail party, so be it.

Step ahead and be the organizer of your party and make sure it is something to cherish for years to come.

Celebrate Yourself

Are you waiting for your significant other or your husband to put some effort into planning something for you? If you leave this special day to them, you will have to settle for what they decide then. And if you have taste differences, you may end up eating McDonald’s as a “party”. Don’t let that happen! Take authority. Let your creative juices flow and come up with some incredible birthday ideas. Watch on Freeform on DirecTV

Book an Appointment at a Spa

Not sure about you, but for most of the women across the globe dig the idea of spoiling themselves at a spa on their birthdays. Especially when you are entering your 30s. You might want to take care of yourself a little more.  Your birthday is a great excuse to make your better half babysit the kids and let you pamper yourself on your special day. Go for as many soothing spa treatments on the book as many as you can. Indulge in ultimate bliss and relaxation with a perfect manicure and pedicure.

You Deserve a Shopping Spree

It’s your 30th birthday! It is the perfect excuse to update and upgrade your wardrobe. Take the opportunity of grabbing a girl pal and hit a mall. Revamp your whole look and get some amazing outfits to last for at least a few months. Focus on buying formal outfits. With kids, you already have an endless stock of T-shirts and yoga pants.

Do What You are Special At

You may have some hobbies, which often are overlooked because of your hectic lifestyle and family responsibilities. Now is the time to unleash them. Finish up all your unfinished art projects, whether they are about knitting, sewing, writing poetry, painting, scrapbooking, and so on. If it makes you happy, don’t be reluctant to ask for some time to do it.

Create a Crafts Booth for Kids

You are really looking forward to having some “me time” and some quality time with your spouse or friends. But you essentially need to hook up your kids somewhere so that they don’t bother you. Creating a crafts booth is a great idea. Create a catchy booth with playdoh, their favorite toys, puzzles, and paints. Keep them busy and they’ll let you enjoy.

Create a Mom Cave

This is your day to build a nice mom cave. No one can object it on your hatch day. That is going to be your own, personal and private space. Make sure you make it before the day ends.

Consider a Weekend Getaway

It’s actually a great idea. Especially if you haven’t had a chance to spend a weekend full of romance for long years now. Your toddlers may not allow you to sit next to each other. So, your birthday is a great chance to ask their grandparents to babysit them. And you and your better half can go for an exciting escapade. Book a nice romantic getaway for the weekend and rejuvenate yourself in the luxury.

Plan a Fun Day for the Family

Are you a working woman? A very busy one? That you hardly ever find time to spend with your family? Well, this is the perfect chance to plan a nice family adventure. You can plan a beach day, a trip to botanical gardens or zoo, or so on. Choose an activity that the whole family will enjoy. You can bond with your family on your birthday.

Plan a Perfect Candle-Lit Dinner

Pick the perfect restaurant to have a romantic, candle-lit dinner with your better half. Choose a place with scrumptious food and elegant décor to perk up your mood. We wish we could suggest an eatery with augmented reality remote support to change the surroundings of the restaurant according to your mood. But the world is not yet that advanced.

Happy 30th you wonderful mom!