Want To Make Your Wedding Anniversary Special? Try These 8 Ideas

wedding anniversary ideas
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Every relationship is supposed to have its ups and downs. The same goes for a marital relationship. Unfortunately, couples get busy with kids, work and family issues. If you don’t arrange enough “us” time, your relationship no longer will be about you and your partner. Wedding anniversaries are there to remind us why the two of you are together in the first place.

Take it as an opportunity to relive your memories, practice gratefulness and show love. This anniversary, do something special for your significant other. For my anniversary, my partner and I planned to stay at home and see our wedding album. I cooked dinner and at the end of the night, when I decided to watch Spectrum TV, we happened to catch Pretty Women on Cinemax. It was a time well spent.

Looking for inspiration? Consider these fun ideas:

#1: Take another Honeymoon

another honeymoon
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If it’s your first wedding anniversary, this is a must-do. Go back in time and remember your honeymoon. It was relaxing and blissful, right? But there might be so many things on your bucket list you wanted to do at that time.

Arrange a second honeymoon for your anniversary and do the things you didn’t get a chance to do back then. Pick a location (somewhere you both want to go), choose the resort of your choice and there you go! The two of you will be making new memories.

#2: Spend the Night Out of the Town

outside town
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Don’t think taking a honeymoon would fit in your budget? No worries, simply plan a night out of town. Make reservations at a fancy restaurant, book a hotel, get a couple’s massage or buy tickets to a show. It’s your night, you decide how you want to spend it in the summer season.

#3: Plan a Dinner Date

dinner date
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Planning a romantic dinner is always a classic idea. Pick a colour theme (red, black or any other colour), call your partner, ask them to dress up and meet you up at a spot. Pick them up from there and surprise them with a dinner date. Make sure you pick a restaurant that is great at arranging anniversary surprises and have good food as well.

#4: Get a Set of Couples Tattoos

Couples Tattoos
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Customized gifts are a great idea for making the anniversary more memorable. Why not get couples tattoos together? Choose any type of tattoo that means something special to you and your partner.

You can also get a necklace or bracelet with your partner’s initials. Search the places that design customized jewellery and check your options.

#5: Plan Something Outdoor

plan outdoor
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There are lots of ways you can spend the night outdoors and do something special at your wedding anniversary. Check out some of these ideas:

  • Go camping with your partner. Sit under the moonlight and star and have a romantic dinner at the camping site. You can also do your own mini bonfire.
  • If you like to hit the road, then nothing can be better than going on a road trip with your loved one to explore a new place.
  • Buy tickets to the concert of your partner’s favorite artist. Try getting a personalized autograph for your better half.
  • If you live in a town or city with scenic canals or lakes, then rent a boat, bring a bottle of wine and food. Spend the evening cruising in the boat talking about life and how grateful are you to have one another.

#6: Get a Personalized Photoshoot

couple photoshoot
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Another way of making this day memorable is to have a personal photoshoot. This trend is multiplying. It won’t be hard to find photographers to capture your happiness on this day.

Choose your favorite exotic place, get dressed up and have a personal photoshoot. Create an album to remind you and your partner of years of togetherness.

#7: Tell Your Partner You Love Them

couples love
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Anniversary is a great time to express love. When it comes to expressing love, it doesn’t have to be bus stops or billboards. Plus, this could cost you tons of money. Simply call the radio station, request your partner’s favorite song and add a message of love to celebrate your wedding anniversary. Make sure to tell your partner to tune in to the radio at that time. It won’t cost you anything!

#8: More Ideas

If you want to keep things simple, here are other ideas:

  • Cuddle up with your partner on the couch, get some popcorn and pour wine for you and your partner.
  • Plant the flowers you got for your wedding in your garden.
  • You might have wedding pictures placed in frames. Swap the existing pictures with other favorite pictures from that day.


You can also set up an anniversary tradition with these ideas. Make this night worth remembering by adding new memories. If your partner has been insisting on subscribing to cable, why not surprise them by getting one of the Spectrum deals! It’s your special night, do whatever pleases the both of you!

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