Ways to Update Your Home for Summer

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Summer is here and we know what this means. Time to spend the days in the outdoors. And of course, no colder. Summer is all about making use of the sun’s warmth by spending time on the patio or front deck or in the backyard. The key to having a summer makeover is decorating the house with bright colors, light fabrics, and decor that’s a beach or nautical inspired. Updating your home for the summer season shouldn’t involve a whole makeover. With a few accessories, your home should be ready for the summer season.

How to Update Your Home for Summer Season?

Here are ten easy ways to update your home for the summer season:

10. Outdoor Decor

The summer season calls for spending time in the outdoor holding barbecues and conversations. As such, ensure there is an outdoor sitting set that is both comfortable and encourages people to stay out and hold conversations. You can do this by getting some bright outdoor pillows and some throws just in case you have chilly summer nights. If you have the indoor decor in place and you want it to be in harmony with the outdoors, ensure the outdoor accessories match the color palette you already have in place.

9. Summer Duvet Cover

For the bedroom, a duvet makeover will spruce your bedroom instantly. Go for light fabrics such as cotton and linen as they are comfortable especially when the temperatures go up. You can also opt for beach-inspired colors and patterns such as aqua and blue. You need not go all the way with the coastal theme, but you can add hints of beach style in the rooms.

8. Macrame Accessories

Summer crafts are also great at illustrating the advent of the summer season. For this reason, how about getting some macrame accessories for the summer season? And handmade accessories too? You can create a relaxed summer style by incorporating handcrafted decor with contemporary furnishings or boho. By swapping framed art with woven wall hangings and macrame, you’ll be able to add some softness to the living room or bedroom.

7. Porch Party Space

As the cold departs, there will be every reason to spend time in the outdoors. If your house doesn’t have much space, why not turn your porch into a relaxing or entertaining space. By picking the right accessories and furniture, your porch can be an extension of your dining room by providing additional dining space in the summer. You can also go an extra step by painting the front door as it gives the porch extra style and also a focal point for the new outdoor decor.

6. Indoor/Outdoor Rug for the Patio

These rugs are great for adding color and pattern. Go for rugs that have loads of summer color, as these will provide the best focal point for the summer outdoor decoration plan. If you are not sure about the colors to go for, choose an indoor/outdoor rug that will match a few of the colors of the flowers that will be blooming in the summer. You can decide to go neutral with the outdoor seating and cushions, that the rug can take center stage.

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5. Outdoor Lighting idea

Summer decorating calls for string lights. These come in handy when you are entertaining in the evenings. They create an ambiance and therefore the selection of these lights shouldn’t be for task lighting. Outdoor restaurants can offer you innovative ideas to light up your patio or deck. When done right, these lights will help transform your patio into a magical space. There is a wide range of string lights to choose from for your themed tastes but white bulbs will complement any decorating style.

4. Summer Shower Curtain

Your bathroom could also use a summer touch to it. Switching your shower curtain every season is an effective way to mark the seasons in your space. Additionally, by cleaning, drying and storing them properly, you can rotate them every season. In addition to the shower curtain, you can also have seasonal towels that go hand-in-hand with the shower curtain. This helps switch the mood in the bathroom every season.

3. Swag Lighting Everywhere

Swag lighting is great for offering some extra lighting for areas in your home. So, if you have a dark corner, get swag lighting to increase the illumination and this, in turn, adds style to the room. Additionally, they can help come up with a reading corner in your home and if it’s a small home, an eating space. If your house could use some lighting this summer, getting swag light is a quick way to solve this. Another option is using plexiglass sheets on the roof or windows to increase lighting.

2. Summer Scents

Updating your home for the summer is not all about what can be seen. Scents are also great at ushering this new season. By getting some citrusy and tropical scents, you will be on your way to setting the summer mood in your home. Try and mix the scents. In order to get the right mix of scents, settle on just a few scents and those from the same brand or product line. Furthermore, match your diffusers and candle holders in every room to come up with a customized look, even if you have one or two aromas.

1. Seating area

Finally, it’s great to come up with a casual seating area. You can decide to get some floor cushions which are quite important for summer decoration. However, when you go for floor pillows or couch-style cushions, pair these with some low-profile tables for lounging and entertaining.

In conclusion, if you want to go all the way to changing your home setting in preparation for the summer season, replace your accessories, that is, from books and boxes to beautiful plants and floral arrangements. If you had winter candles, replace them with summery scents such as citrus, fresh-cut parsley, and mint. You could also replace your cocktail table trays from silver and gold to a summer color such as orange, aqua or white shagreen. Finally, there’s no going wrong with getting some summer artifacts such as shells, turtles and abstract sea objects.

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