Happy New Year 2019 Wishes Messages Quotes Images Greetings

Happy New Year 2019 Wishes Quotes Greetings Images

It’s time to say Goodbye to 2018 and welcome 2019. On this special moment, you must greet your love once and pray for happiness and success. Here we have selected some best Happy New Year 2019 wishes, greetings and wallpapers to welcome 2019.

It will take quite a bit of time and a new mistress of the year will knock at our door. On the eve of the holiday, many of us will want to congratulate our close relatives and friends with the help of SMS. In this case, short wishes for the New Year 2019 would be appropriate.

Most people do not have the talent to write in a poetic form. However, they want their loved ones to receive their wishes from them in verses. For such people, we picked up interesting greetings for all occasions:

To Colleagues

New year wishes for colleagues

The New Year comes, He brings happiness. I congratulate you, colleagues, I wish you all the best.

On a magical New Year’s night Let all your dreams come true. We wish you happiness today, in a career to reach heights.

H appy New Year, I congratulate everyone! Words in vain I will not look for: I wish you all the joy of light! And I wish – not to lose yourself!

Let the prosperity increase; the income will multiply, In all affairs always lucky – The year will be great!

We are waiting for a fairy tale again – Santa Claus enters our house. Let the talents awaken to the loud bells of the Clock Tower. I wish you creative victories, Good luck, recognition, many years!

To a Friend

new year wishes for friends

Happy New Year, my friend, Let the circle close to happiness. Let luck run to you! House, car, yacht, cottage. Let Santa Claus bring, Mood a whole cart.

You, buddy with the New Year! I heartily congratulate me! I wish you to be always healthy, And we will buy everything – friends for that!

Let your hopes fall, And your dreams come true! Happy New Year congratulations to you, Year of happiness, goodness and love!

Remember everything that you have made, Wishes, requests, dreams. So that they will fulfill the New Year So that you are immensely happy.

The old year is completely tired – He called for himself And left … But you do not cry! In the new more waiting for success, More sun, kindness And all that you want!

Beloved Girlfriend or Boyfriend

new year wishes for gf or bf

Happy New Year, congratulations, I wish you all blessings, For life to be like in a fairy tale – Long, bright and beautiful.

The New Year will give you, Miracles and magic, Bring you good luck, Joy, happiness and good!

H appy New Year. I wish you happiness, joy. Let health be strong, Purse – tenacious for money!

T he long-awaited New Year Happiness in life let it bring; It will illuminate everything with snow shine, It will be kind and charming.

May a miracle happen in the new year, And good Santa Claus will come! He will change your life abruptly; He will open the doors to a fairy tale!


Let the luck come to you, let the inspiration come! Life will be brighter and will be the most beautiful all next Year!

I wish to celebrate New Year So, as you dream! Let luck fill life, And dreams come true! Let the money be enough for everything and in full, And life, like clockwork, is sweet and good!

Words of beautiful congratulations We gather in the New Year – Happiness comes to us, no doubt! Let your family in all luck!

Let the year be ridiculous, And bring great success, Fill the heart with joy, And give money without end, Keep the family home from troubles, And be full of all good things.

May the New Year be for you Happier than before a hundred times And two hundred times richer! Have fun and good luck!

New Year Wishes 2019

Hearty wishes for the new year for someone who believes in a miracle and loves to hear kind words at the holiday hour.

May the New Year be a fairy tale for you. Otherwise, why wait for his long twelve months? Only I want to wish you not to wait for miracles, but to create them yourself. Act while you have time to change something in life for the better!

I wish you to receive in the New Year everything that was not possible earlier. Be confident and persistent and fate will smile at you with the most dazzling smile!

Wish yourself in the New Year all you need now most of all, but do not forget about luck, good friends and faithful allies. Be close to those who believe in you, do not avoid difficulties – they temper, be successful, it stimulates!

Let the chiming clock in your life change everything for the better! I wish you to have wealth in all benefits and a complete lack of negativity and problems!

Wish for the New Year

I wish you in the New Year on autopilot to get straight to happiness and bypass all the hardships on this thorny path! Let this happiness be like you imagined it (a) because everyone has his own, personal and unique! Find it – hold tight. Do not share with strangers, but do not be greedy for those who are dear to your heart!

Breathe in the frosty fresh air and enter New Year with renewed dreams. Let them be pleased that they will come true one after another!

Let the career in the New Year pamper you with success and bring the coveted wealth. So that your family will always be your support, and the house – a cozy and quiet marina, where you can take a breath before another victory!

Let in the New Year you will not have difficult trials, painful experiences and difficult moments. I wish you to live and breathe easily, as in the midst of winter in the frost!

Best Wishes for the New Year

Do not count the past years, lead the countdown victories! Let him go to the thousands in the New Year! I wish prosperity for the realization of all my ideas and order in thoughts and plans; then the goal will be not ghostly, but obvious!

I wish you a joyful and bright holiday! Let the New Year’s Eve bloom a dark sky with fireworks and decorate your next life with new colors!

I wish, under the chiming clock, to think about what you expect in the new year. Just what you remember first of all is the most important for your well-being in the future! Live joyfully and in the way your own heart dictates!

Short Wish for the New Year

I wish you satisfied ambitions, right decisions, easy to implement plans! Be with someone who is pleasant, do not react to provocations and reach heights in everything!

Let life from the new year be a new successful and show you all the facets of pleasure, fun and happiness!

Dare since the New Year to do what I could not dare before. Let all undertakings be crowned with tremendous success!

Best Wishes for the New Year

For each of us, the best is what our soul wants more than anything in the world. I want Santa Claus to fulfill your wish in the way that you personally want!

I wish you to get under the Christmas tree the most desired gift of all that you ever wanted to have! Keep your dream secret, and she will repay you with what will become your companion in reality!

You must have the most cherished dream that you carry with awe in your soul. So, I wish her to have a real shape and bring you unspeakable satisfaction from life!

Comic Wishes for the New Year

But I wish you New Year to meet a cute Santa Claus, who will be able to realize all your dreams! Let happiness, health and success be enough for you in his huge bag, and instead of deer he will drive a team with steep cars to the house and put a pack of dollars in each sock!

I wish in the new year to meet the sexiest Snow Maiden and not freeze with her beside her, but to melt all the snow drifts together! The expected success will surely be found under them and soon you will have joint plans and little heirs!

In the new year create your own fairy tale yourself! Let her not be the end, but only a happy continuation and a fascinating plot!

Interesting Wishes in the New Year

In the new year, do not rely on anyone except yourself, because you are the main builder of your future, the engine of your successes and the best adviser for your rebellious soul!

There is no such thing in the world that you cannot wish for or think of! So dare, make your destiny the way you want! No Santa Claus can do this for you.

Let this winter not freeze your desires at the stage of reflection! Let the action spin you in the dance of success, like snowflakes spinning in the air during a blizzard!

New Year’s Wishes in Prose

On such a night, I want to give special wishes and be close to special people. Let it be! Do not think that something did not manage to be on time. Everything goes as it should go. All the best lies ahead!

Once upon a time, good luck enters your door with a bag over your shoulders, just like Santa Claus comes to children! Let health, success, luck and love be found in that bag! Take them and dispose of with all its practicality!

The fact that you will be successful with men in the new year, I have no doubt! And who has doubts on this subject, that deer! Let him drive through his team in the forest! Such a princess has no place next to horned cloven-hoofed animals!

In your family, certainly, were royal persons, otherwise, how to explain the fact that success beckons to your house? Open the door for him, he is already at the door and he is preparing you a lot of good things in the New Year!

New Year Wishes in Prose

I wish in the new year to benefit, to have a lot of pleasure, to live for myself, but not to be known as an egoist. Eat deliciously, listen carefully, act correctly!

All of last year’s quarrels and doubts, problems and troubles are nothing, for the most sincere love awaits you ahead, magical nights of kindness and pleasure, compliments, success and financial investments in your own well-being!

Let health be inexhaustible, wealth inexhaustible; happiness does not cease, and love inextinguishable!

Beautiful wish Happy New Year in Prose

In the new year, I will not wish you love, family well-being, success in your career – you have all this. Appreciate them and take care!

I wish you to multiply all the achievements, not to lose what you managed to achieve, to find new sources for inspiration, but not to miss those who helped you feel better on the road to success!

Be the most beautiful snow maiden at the New Year’s Eve Ball! Let the blizzard calm down at the sight of you, snowdrifts melt and Santa Claus is younger!

Wish Happy New Year in Prose

Find your most precious gift under the tree – longevity and health! Let your loved ones get the same and fully! Take care of them, and let them treat you carefully!

I want to wish you in the new year healthy and happy children, loving soul mate, understanding and loyal friends, close-knit colleagues and elusive success for an equal wealth!

I wish in the coming year to discover new horizons for myself, not to linger on what has been achieved, because life is tirelessly preparing for their pets the next successes and joys!