Greetings to all readers of the blog! The effect of wet skin is a fashionable novelty in make-up. Today we will learn how to make a day and evening make-up with the result of wet skin. Find out what tools are needed, what types of cosmetics will be required, find out the procedure for applying damp makeup.

Benefits of Wet Makeup

wet makeup
In 2010, Gucci makeup artists first demonstrated a new type of makeup. Since then, on the catwalks and on the way out, many girls began to apply this type of make-up. Why is he so attractive? Due to the moist effect, the face immediately acquires a young, tender look, and the skin seems to glow from the inside. Is it possible to independently achieve a fashionable effect? You can if you know little tricks. First of all, you should choose a liquid, cream concealer or use tonal means with the smallest particles that reflect light. But in make-up cannot go all day. It is made only for a photo shoot and an evening out.

Proper preparation for applying cosmetics – the key to success:

  • Before using means, you must thoroughly wash with foam or gel for washing.
  • Next, the face should be wiped with a tonic, apply a moisturizer and a radiant base for make-up. And you can mix the cream with a base of 1: 1.
  • Then you should apply eye cream and lip balm.
  • For facial correction, a cream-colored corrector is used, which is applied to the areas of the temples, areas under the cheekbones, and sometimes on the wings of the nose.
  • Cream blush with the smallest shining particles is added to the apples of the cheeks and on the sides of the forehead.
  • A cream or liquid highlighter is applied to the upper part of the cheekbones, back of the nose, chin, above the eyebrows, slightly above the upper lip.
  • All borders are brushed with duo-fiber pile or sponge. This is followed by a light dusting transparent powder.

Special Effect Wizard – Highlighter

The main secret is to use the highlighter. Highlighter is a cosmetic that creates special effects in makeup. The task of this product is to create a natural play of light on the cheeks, chin, nose wings, and all protruding parts of the face.

He solves such problems:

  • Emphasizes relief;
  • Corrects flaws;
  • Where necessary, it creates volume;
  • Gives face freshness and youth.

The technique of applying the highlighter is not tricky, but we must take into account the natural skin tone — white-skinned beauties suitable pearl, pearl, as well as variations with a pink and purple glow.

Tips for applying a highlighter

how to apply highlighter

Secrets of makeup artists will help to transform the face:

  • Mix your foundation with a highlighter in a 70:30 proportion to give your face a rested and youthful look.
  • Owners of dry skin with a dull skin color can add a luminizer to the highlight. In this case, your face will get pleasant moisture.
  • Remove circles under the eyes can blend with a konsilera highlighter.
  • To rejuvenate and visually lift sagging parts of the face will be able to apply a highlighter to the area of ​​the nasolabial folds, to the jawline and the upper corner of the outer eyelid.
  • To make the lips appear more substantial, apply the product on the center of the upper lip, then cover the lips with lipstick.


eye makeup

What do eye makeup? Very beautiful, they look in a bronze-black gamut. An exceptional gloss or lip gloss is applied to the eyelids, not containing components to increase the volume of the lips. Otherwise, the eyes will turn red and will water. Eyelashes stained with waterproof mascara.

To fix the make-up instead of the powder, spray-fixer is applied on the face. But the technique of tinting the eyes can be made in any color.


makeup shadows

If bright shadows are used, they will take all the attention on themselves. In this case, the lips should not be too bright. If the eyelids are covered with delicate shades, the lips can be juicy and bright. To enhance the effect of wet eyes, make a sleek hairstyle, then your image will resemble a mermaid emerged from the waves of the sea.

Eye highlighter

Eye highlighter

The tool can be used as a base for eye makeup, as well as a concealer that hides dark circles. In this case, he immediately falls on the skin, pre-moistened with cream, and prepared for make-up. If it is intended to place accents, then when applied to the eyelids under the eyebrow and in the corners of the eyes, the highlighter is the last.

Wet leather for evening out

Wet leather for evening out

Every girl wants to shine, especially in the evening. Try to make a fantastic make-up based on the tone of your skin. How to make perfect makeup?

If you have dark skin and brown eyes, then to the primary coating with foundation, add lipstick in a warm palette and smoky ice in gray-brown tones. Pay special attention to eyebrows. They should be very visible so that their bright eyes do not drown them out.

It is necessary to add blush to the owners of white-skinned skin with eyes of cold-blue or gray tint. Otherwise, the face will look too pale.

Choose a texture with shimmer – they will give the image more seductiveness. Lips are better to highlight bright lipstick, and eyelashes tint mascara with edible pigment.

Shimmers for the evening

Shimmers – is a cosmetic with light-containing particles. Thanks to glittering particles, the skin begins to shimmer beautifully, giving the girl a mystery and charm. This cosmetic product can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, hiding small flaws. For daytime makeup, it is better not to use it, except for the scene.