3 Ways to Remember Christ with Kids This Christmas

Christmas with kids

Let’s face it – the holidays can be stressful, especially when kids are involved. There are so many things to do and see and you want to do them all. As your schedule gets fuller, how do you make room to remember Christ at Christmas? With these three ways to remember Christ with kids this Christmas, you can make it happen without sacrificing fun family traditions or precious time with your loved ones. And the best part is that you’ll be teaching your children how to celebrate Christmas as they grow older, too!

Christ At Christmas

This activity is easy and affordable and will help teach your children more about who Christ is while they color. To do: Print out an image of Christ online (google search christ printables). Also, ask them questions like what did he look like? or what was his favorite color? Just make sure not to share any incorrect information with them. Have them write answers down after coloring…perhaps even answer these same questions verbally so that they can pray out loud with you over dinner. The Bible says that when Jesus was born wise men came from the East bringing gifts for him, what were those gifts? Gold, frankincense, and myrrh. What do these represent? They can then discuss how each gift represented something different, but all three together fit perfectly as a whole representation of Christ.

Prepare For It Ahead Of Time

First and foremost, parents must remember Christ at Christmas by celebrating as a family. Keep Christ at the center by the decorations that you choose to put up. Whether it’s a nativity scene or Christus statues, little touches here and there can serve as reminders. 

We can prepare for it ahead of time by letting our kids know what our traditions are, taking some time to talk about why we celebrate certain things, and making sure everyone knows what role they play in our family celebrations. For example, let your children help you create gifts for others or get involved in organizing special events; asking them what they like about Christmas will also be a good way to open up conversations about Christ at Christmas time. Asking if their friends would want to join us for Christmas celebrations can also be helpful when talking about how we’re all one big family – God’s greatest creation. 

Celebrate As A Family

Make Christ-centered traditions a family event. You and your kids can do lots of fun things together, such as creating a gingerbread house, making ornaments and wrapping presents, participating in service projects, or hosting a neighborhood party. Not only is it easier on Santa to get several kids ready at once, but you’ll also build precious memories as you remember what’s really important. Oh—and if you don’t have any grandkids yet (or maybe even if you do), one of these would make an awesome gift for friends and neighbors!

While it may feel that life is busier than ever and there’s not enough time in a day, remember that families are always made better by working together and celebrating Christ at Christmas. Togetherness is what matters most, whether it’s opening presents or singing carols—the traditions we choose make us who we are. So gather around your family and friends, offer your praises to God, and celebrate as a family. Merry Christmas!