Tourists are easy targets to thieves because most often they are unaware of surroundings and carry valuables like mobiles, cameras, and money. By staying alert about your surroundings and belongings, a traveler can reduce the risk of robbing and mugging — the first and most crucial step studies and research your destination. For further safety and guidance visit department of foreign affairs, It can guide you about your destination because this department is always aware of criminal activities that target tourists and political unrest that could be detrimental to tourists. Seeking guidance from friends & family members who have already visited your intended destination is a plus. Here are some pro tips which are applicable all over the world and by following these tips you will stay safe while traveling around the world.

Top 10 Travel Safety Tips You Should Know

Learn the language

It depends on your plan if you are planning to stay longer; learning a language is a must. It will enrich your experience while talking to locals, and it will also support in resolving your problems. Just take an example for better understanding, If you are visiting South America and you don’t know Spanish, you can’t enjoy the trip. Because language will help you to talk doctors if you get sick and in case of any theft police could be unable to understand your problem.

Travel Insurance

If you are traveling within the country than it’s fine but if you are traveling abroad, get travel insurance. Travel insurance will support in an emergency evacuation, and it will provide medical assistance.

Use Banks to Withdraw Cash

Try not to use ATMs in public areas because skimming is a common practice all around the world, and ATMs could be manipulated to copy data on your card. Use banks in opening hours to withdraw money because banks of any country are trusted sources for financial services. Avoid using the third-party financial services to prevent scam.

Be Careful

No matter how much time you have spent at a place, being careless could get you in trouble. Always stay attentive to your surroundings and be careful; otherwise, you can become a victim of a violent mugging.

You should also be careful while you are in your hostel or hotel. Because belongings even get stolen in hotels and hostels. Use lockers to keep your belongings safe and check twice while leaving your room.

Interact with Locals

If you want to know about the city, get in touch with locals because they know their city better than you. It will also help you in making new friends and in discovering the area. Locals and employees of the hotel where you are staying can give you some insider tips and recommendations about places to visit.

Save Emergency Numbers

You must have emergency numbers of police, your hostel, the insurance company, and emergency healthcare so you can call them in case of an emergency to help you.

Pay with Smaller Currency

Always pay with small currencies to avoid getting fake money in return. After the withdrawal of cash from the bank take change from your hostel or any trusted source. Don’t trust anyone and never tell about the total cash you carry or contain in your bank account.

Never ignore Suspicious Behavior

If you find any questionable act of employees of the hotel, hostel or any of traveler, report it immediately because they could get you in trouble by any of their criminal activities. Make your journey pleasant by avoiding fraudulent.

Be Aware of Scams

Ignoring scams is inevitable; you should know which scams are accessible at your destination to avoid and prevent them. Always interact with companies that comply with KYC regulations with identity verification to secure your identity and confidential information. Don’t let anyone touch your belongings (shirt or jacket) for cleaning purpose because they could be pickpockets.


Enjoy your journey by taking these precautions and act wisely in any severe situation instead of becoming a hero. Avoid taking shortcuts for any reason because it could be a trap by locals. Never trust any stranger about any location to visit and don’t move with him without confirming it by other locals.