Australian cuisine has absorbed the traditions of all countries of the world because Australia is a country of immigrants. Let’s see what they eat in the morning in another part of the world.

Acai Bowl:

Acai Bol

Acai berries blew up the world with its usefulness. If you believe the scientists, they contain all the known vitamins, macro, and micro-elements! Australians grind berries in mashed potatoes and serve with granola, coconut flakes, and fresh fruit. It turns out very nutritious and incredibly tasty breakfast.

Eggs Benedict:

Eggs Benedict

English traditional breakfasts are being modernized – delicious poached eggs replace the classic eggs. They are spread on pancakes or toast with ham, salmon, avocado and generously poured over the cheese sauce.

Toast with Vedzhimutton:

Toast with vedzhimutton

In Russia, we give children bread and butter, in America – toast with peanut butter, and here, toast is smeared with veggie. This is a dark brown paste of a strange flavor. It smells of malt. It is both sweet and salty. Australians love it, but for the Russian people, the taste is very peculiar.



A straightforward but incredibly popular option for breakfast, snack, lunch. Muffins put children in lunch boxes, collecting in school; sell in every tent, every gas station, a cafe. The most popular flavors: classic milk chocolate and white chocolate with raspberries.

Toast with Avocado:

Toast with vedzhimutton

Avocados in Australia are so popular that the flesh is sold even in supermarkets already in finished form, in large tubes for squeezing. And in cafes most often the freshest avocado is served on crispy toast, a drop of pesto or olive oil, aromatic tomatoes or poached eggs are added.