Hello, today I am going to introduce white clay to your beauty routine. It will help you all to maintain the youth of your skin for a long time. Nowadays many of you people are following different beauty regimes that may be expensive and harmful, but the white clay has some extraordinary miracles that you would see here in this blog.

White clay is a great beautician, and indeed it is! It contains kaolin, which is suitable for very delicate, sensitive skin. It is for

  • Drying oily skin
  • Removal of dead cells
  • Cleansing and regeneration
  • Pulling up
  • Tightening pores
  • Healing Wounds
  • Smoothing wrinkles

Types of White Clay

type of white clay

Anapa Clay

It is included in many cosmetics. This natural mineral is rich in valuable substances that can enrich and treat problem skin. A kind of white mineral is Hum, which is mined in Bulgaria. According to women, kaolin is incredibly small, clean, and soft. After dilution with water, it turns into a delicate substance, even silky to the touch, odorless, correctly applied to the face, and without hassle, it is washed off with water. After its application, the skin becomes soft, soft, and silky.

Food White Clay

It is a useful medicine for gastrointestinal diseases. For oral administration, it is necessary to prepare such a solution: 0.5 tsp. Kaolin dissolve in 1 cup of water. Drink before meals three times a day. If you feel well, then gradually add the powder to 2 teaspoons. Treatment is carried out for 21 days. Then 10 days break. Taking inside, you will rid the body of microorganisms, toxic substances

White Clay Face Masks

white clay face mask

Oily skin is no longer a problem. Kaolin is especially useful for owners of the oily epidermis. White clay masks are easy to make at home.

  • Take 2 or 3 teaspoons of powder, pour boiled water or infusion of such herbs like oregano, chamomile, celandine, and calendula. Stir so that the consistency of sour cream is obtained. Then apply the mixture on oily areas of the face, leave for 15-20 minutes. Then wash with warm water and fresh The mask will remove excess fat from the skin, giving the face a beautiful haze. For the fat epidermis – a continuous benefit, but for the dry – harm!

Useful Mask For Oily Hair

mask for oily hair

For oily hair, make this composition: Take 2-3 tbsp. l powder, dilute with water or decoction of herbs (burdock, nettle, and chamomile), stir until smooth, apply to the scalp, gently massage, and distribute the mixture over the entire length of hair, hold for 30 or 40 minutes. Then rinse with warm water, rinse hair with shampoo.

Clay to Give Healthy  Beauty

clay for beauty

I have already said that a clay mask will help to narrow pores, remove excess fat from the epidermis, and also it is useful for problem skin. After its repeated use, irritations and acne will disappear. The cleansing power of the mineral is also suitable for the combined epidermis. Apply the mixture only on such places where sebum is secreted so that the kaolin does not dry out, moisten it with water. You can use a kaolin composition for dry skin if you add in it fatty sour cream.

White Clay Treatment

white clay treatement

Folk healers with white clay treated edema, eliminated bruises obtained from bruises. Clay promotes blood flow to the injury. Diluted the powder in water to a state of sour cream, lay the mixture on several layers of gauze, put a compress on the sore spot, first wetting it with warm water. Then secured with a bandage, kept until completely dry.

Clay also heals joints, and even myositis, sciatica, neuralgia. Make a warm compress, which lay around the sore spot and holds for 1-2 hours. White clay treatment is carried out for 3 days in a row; then a break is taken for 1 day. The course of treatment: 15 – 20 procedures. Course repetition after 1 month. Dear women, do not rush to have an operation if there are ugly scars on your body. Try to get rid of them with white clay. Take 1 tbsp. Powder, dilute in water, pour into the composition of 1 tsp. Lemon juice, apply to the problem area, hold for 10 minutes. Enough 15 procedures to scars become less noticeable.

Clay – A Source of Energy

white clay for energy

Kaolin is useful not only for the skin of the face but also for the whole body. If after hard work you make clay wraps, then fatigue, drowsiness, and apathy will disappear. And wraps save you from cellulite, help you lose weight.

How to hold Wraps?

Foil the body, apply the clay diluted in water, wrap the treated area with cellophane film. Lie for 30 minutes, then rinse with ordinary water. For better impact, ground coffee or 2 tbsp can be added to the kaolin. l honey The procedure can be carried out only 1 time per week.

Dear readers, your collection of personal care recipes has been replenished, which means that without leaving your home, you can make a beautiful spa using a natural ingredient.