In Canada, people get used to regular pizza toppings, like pepperoni, onions, or grilled chicken. Sure, every pizza place will have a different flavor, but nothing that is too outside of the box. You might be shocked when you travel to other countries and see something on a pizza you had never even considered as a topping. But, other countries have some unique, even weird, combinations.


german pizza

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Germany is famous for chocolate, potatoes, and sausage, so, as a qualifier, pizza is pretty far from being national cuisine.  In Germany, it’s not uncommon to find a pizza that has:

1). Canned Tuna: That’s right. Your standard, cheap sandwich has become standard, cheap pizza in Deutschland. But, if you think about making a tuna melt in your oven, it’s maybe not as weird as it seems.

2). Curry: Germany isn’t India or Thailand, but curry powder is a seasoning of choice for many fast food places, including pizza. Your traditional tomato-and-cheese pie might be finished with some pungent, golden powder for an extra kick of flavor.

3). Gouda Cheese: You might be used to mozzarella, but most inexpensive pizzerias in Germany use alternative cheeses. It may be more common to find your pizza topped with swiss, feta, or gouda before a standard mozzarella.

4). Corn: This topping is especially common in pizza places that are trying to mimic American-style pizza, instead of Italian style.


japanese pizza

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The well-known staples of sushi and seaweed make their way to Italian cuisine. In Japan, you’ll likely find pizza generously topped with varieties of fish (including eel),  seaweed, and, strangely, hot dogs. Sometimes, the crust is made up of “pigs-in-a-blanket” style poppers. Japan, along with other neighbors like Korea and China, also use liberal amounts on mayonnaise on their pizza, either as a topping or as a dipping sauce. Even though many people like Pizza, still there are researches which turn out pointing pizzas as one of the unsafe diets.


brazil pizza

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This South American country brings its own unique twist on pizza, and they even make it a little bit healthier. In Brazil, you’ll find:

1). Pizza Topped with Peas: Peas are the green peppers of the pizza world in Brazil.

pizza made with raisins. If you think about Canadians and Americans putting pineapple on their pizza, it’s not as weird as it sounds.

2). A Danish-Style Pizza made with Bananas: Bananas paired with mozzarella, sugar, and cinnamon make a delicious variation that other countries (hint, hint) should probably embrace.


french pizza

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France is well known for its cuisine, and to go with the pastries, butter, and cheese, you can order a fried egg pizza. Sometimes, the egg is baked with the rest of the toppings, while other times, the egg is added after the pizza comes out of the oven. Either way, with the meat and cheese and onions, French pizza suddenly becomes a breakfast food.

France also ups the ante of both Italian and American style pizza. After all, where else in the world will you be able to buy a pizza topped with creme fraiche and finished with lardons (fancy french bacon)?


Nigerian pizza

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Have you ever considered eating a banana as a savory item? The pizza eaters in this African country definitely have. In fact, a worldwide pizza chain sells a pizza that combines bananas with steak, hot chili peppers, and mushrooms. It’s the African version of Canadian bacon and pineapple. Except spicier.


Australian pizza

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Australians are more in touch with Western cuisine, but they bring their own flair to the table (just as an Aussie is wont to do). You’ll find your basic meat and cheese variety pizzas for sale, except the meat could be something exotic like crocodile or kangaroo. No wild game is complete without some steak or barbecue sauce.

Final Thoughts

No matter where you go, you’re bound to find that your perceptions of pizza are going to change. Who knows, maybe a pizza topped with eel, tuna, and banana will be right up your tastebuds’ alley.