Your Next Labor Day Gift Ideas: Fur Accessories


Work Day (Labor Day), established in 1882, gives workers one final break all through the mid-year months before the drive toward the Christmas season. By far, most acknowledge the part of the bargain as an opportunity to do some voyaging, have one last poolside flame broil or simply chill out and recover the energy for the upcoming work.

The History of Labor Day

As shown by the early history of Labor Day, the event started with respect to a General Assembly of the Knights of Labor met in New York City on September 1882. In regards to Knights Assembly, an open parade of various work affiliations was held tight September 5 under the help of the Central Labor Union (CLU) of New York. Secretary of the CLU Matthew Maguire is credited for first proposing that a national Labor Day event accordingly be held tight the chief Monday of each September in the aftermath of this successful open show.

Labor Day Gift Ideas

To make this day even more special people tend to give presents to their friends, family and loved ones. If you are looking to surprise someone, keep reading, we have a few suggestions of what it could be that would make someone feel happy.

Labor Day is celebrated at the end of the summer – at the beginning of the autumn, so it would be smart to think that warm days are over and it is time to prepare for the cold season. At this time of the year not many people think about buying warm socks and clothes, even less are ready for chilly weather.

So, the Labor Day gift ideas are clear: get something warm to wear!

Fur Accessory – A Great Present Idea

Looking at the latest trends from fashion brands like Fendi, Gucci, and Balenciaga it is easy to see a trend of fur accessories.

There are so many different fur products, starting from small pendants for your bag and ending with luxurious fur coats and jackets. Surprisingly, these accessories are not made for women only. There are various products dedicated to men as well. So, if you are looking for a present for men, there are plenty of fur hats and scarves for them in almost every shop.

Looking at what women tend to wear most, the easy winner is fur collar. They are everywhere: you can see women wearing them on the street, going out to party, theatre, even celebrities wear them. To buy from top designer’s shop you probably will need to rob a bank (we do not recommend that!).

Fortunately, there are a few small designers, who produce handmade fur products at reasonable prices. For example, fox collars from Nordfur have a reasonable price.

Not sure what style or color to choose? There is one simple trick will always help – choose black. Black color fits everything, and the person who will wear it will be able to combine with every outfit in his/her closet.
When choosing the size, just go for a shorter one. In this case, it might be combined with a coat, jacket, sweater and mostly anything. Sounds good, right?

I hope this guide will make the search for presents much easier and will save much of your time.

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