Makeup trends that appear and again vanish after some months or days, and 2019 will be one of the latest trends is the bold colored red lip. However, the color can better act for more or less any person; you must have to understand precisely which type of red color acts on your lip. However, now you should get to know how to choose the perfect lip color according to your skin tone. We are now going to discuss the multiple steps that you must follow and come to a right decision about lip color. Doing this also allows you getting to know how to opt for the right palette in any makeup – eye, lip, blush, and lots more.  Thus, let’s find out how to pick the best lip color.

Fair Complexion:

Fair complexion

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Women who own a fair complexion use any shade. Although using lighter shades of peach, pink or nudes turn out well throughout the day. You can choose the preferred skin shades of coral, peach, orange, pink and fuchsia in lighter colors. However, bold red, cherry red, berry and plum tones those all acts amazing for dusks. There is a wide range of nudes available, be it salmon nudes, rosewood or nude lipsticks with choosing the pink undertones.

Medium Complexion:

Medium Complexion


Medium skin complexion women take a variety of colors definitely. You can choose shades of berry red, rust, brick red, and maroon or burgundy for evenings though orange, mauves, pinks, lilac, and cinnamon act like magic wand throughout the day. In addition, bronze colors in rich along with matte finish look fabulous on whitish complexions. To get a natural look, choose always intense nudes or natural browns.

Dark Complexion:

Dark complexion


Dark complexion is stunning and it can be enriched with a lip color that matches it. Shades with blond undertone act perfectly for shadier skin tones. Pink, crimson red, brown and berry shades, walnut, bronze, shades of copper, and honey, oxblood, maroons, and rose tones really look wonderful on these complexions. For nudes one, you can go for gingerbread nudes, nudes with a brunette shade or a rosy brown nude color.

Crimson Red:

Crimson Red Lipstick

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Celebs mostly opt for their constancy to the Ruby Red tint. This leftover one of the most classic colors in each makeup gathering. A fantastic matte finish fixed with a magical red that matches nearly every Indian complexion, this color should be added to your cosmetic bag.

Bright Tomato Red:

Tomato Red Lipstick


You can apply liquid lipstick to make your lips simple with gorgeous tints. A single jab of tomato red tone tint and you’re released regular reapplications. This lipstick outshines as amazing for fair to whitish complexions.

Wild Berry:

Wild Berry lipstick

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If you are speculating about the tip to get chock-full lips, then try a deep berry shade. Bold tones like Wild Berry that provides your lips an impeccable, carved look. This one acts amazingly on whitish to dark skin tones.


Nude lipstick

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The classic nude shade is the best choice for the ladies who are traveling. Mainly, a fair complexion can carry any kind of lipstick tome, but always perfect are the nudes. Nudes tone act amazingly for a well-dressed office look or having light day makeup. Often a small amount or without makeup look is more than sufficient to set the necessary glam to your face.


Pink lipstick

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Pink lips are the all-time favorite of all girls. Going for lighter or neon pink shades will suite with fairer and medium complexions after all. The dusky and deeper tones of pink look gorgeous on the whitish complexion.


Red Lipstick

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Red is always in vogue and this is evergreen lip color in fashion a red lipstick is an indispensable hack item in every girl’s purse. The ton works for all complexions.


Coral lipstick

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Coral lips work with slight duskier or even dark skin. Too shady a tome might be a little daunting, but a scorched shade acts stunningly for the Indian complexion. Apply the shade to match any eye look, or even pair it with toning blush and shadow for a unicolor upshot.

A right lipstick tone can make your look too gorgeous, thus, always follow these tips to obtain it right shade. In addition to this if you are looking for Ecommerce job then it could be best chance to try it.